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Integrated Marketing Expertise for a disruptive world
leveraging the blockchain business


You’re focussed on developing your smart contract business model and we help you connecting the dots with the world outside of your company walls to communicate honestly and transparently the benefits of your platform but also quickly respond to queries and concerns.

Insights & Strategy

Preceding the launch of the communication we help you building an effective communication strategy to position and differentiate your cryptocurrency or blockchain offering, building your communities, creating a base of early investors.

Targeted execution

We help you preparing specific communication messages and channels such as white papers, press releases, web sites and community platforms, blogs, news and events to your specific target groups such as influencers, governmental bodies, stakeholders, the broader cryptocurrency community and of course the public.

FFI Ventures

We are a marketing service organization that understands the unique needs and speed required for Foundations using innovative Blockchain business models, rapid forward moving start-ups & impactful ICO events

Our Strength 

Media Strategy & Branding

This is part of our DNA. We help you to define your integrated online and offline media strategy, design and project your visual identity. You will be quickly recognized and stand out of the other blockchain competitors.


Explain what value your concept brings. Be clear and consistent with your messages and relate on a high level back to your whitepaper. If you go for an ICO or want to interact with your community you need a personalized space, a dashboard and probably further features on a highly secured system and each customer needs proper authentication.
We build that for you and it’s all responsive of course.


We help you preparing a detailed description of your offering. There’s much you need to communicate, things like the founding team, their vision, business model, its features, goals, measures, implementation plan and how success looks like.

Pitch Deck Presentations

You will be presenting your idea on many places around the world. We help tell your story in high-impact presentations that win over executives, investors or your crowd when you’re on stage at a blockchain hackathon

Influencers & Communities

Key is interacting with influencers and communities either on platforms like reddit, social media or face-to-face on different types of events and occasions. For all these groups and events there are different levels of blockchain & cryptocurrency literacy. Sometimes a easy-to-understand video is the best way to learn of your valuable service and it’s impact to society. We help you getting there and have measured impact.


With limited back-office and in-house resources foundations oftentimes have difficulties to properly inform and communicate how the organization complies with home-state legal entity governance and compliance requirements. We help communicate the most impactful information at the right time to the right audience.

Service Offerings 

  • Foundation Compliance & Content requirements

    Under the current Swiss law regulated institutions such as foundations (Stiftungen) have to submit reporting documentations to governmental bodies. We can help you to get through the hassle and provide you compliant and strong documentation. Don’t forget your stakeholders and the public either: We help you ramping up the communications on your website and any other online and offline communications channels with impactful messages.

    You’ll get our support on:

      • Writing legally binding reporting and documentation to governmental bodies
      • Writing your specific whitepaper explaining your business model and opportunity
      • Relevant communications to community and public on Vision, Innovations, Team, Scope, Competitive Environment, Price Developments and further critical information
  • Blockchain Marketing for Foundations and specific ICOs

    Consulting you with a powerful digital marketing strategy along with the right communications approaches is essential for your success. While you are working on the details of your foundation and ICO, we take care of making your vision heard.

    You’ll get our support on:

      • Market Research & Brand Strategy
      • Branding and Storytelling that we’ll make heard across the world
      • Content & Communication Strategy
      • Foundation Profile & Reputation development
      • ICO Digital Growth Strategy
      • Start-up Consultation
  • Blockchain Campaigns, Measurement & Optimization

    Work with a leading and long standing multi-channel agency. We know strategy, branding, campaigning and the enabling technology holding it all together.

    Our in-house team is an experienced team of strategists, project managers, graphic designers, UI / UX designers, copywriters and developers passionate about developing impactful and beautifully designed blockchain campaigns including websites, social media and apps.

    You’ll get our support on:

      • Community-building activities (e.g. on Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, Slack, Github and Telegram)
      • Foundation & Cryptocurrency Website Design & Development
      • ICO & Fundraising Multi-Channel Campaigns
      • Foundation & Cryptocurrency Search Engine Optimization & Growth strategy
      • Impact analytics: Ongoing measurement and improvements
  • Building & managing trusted communities & related currencies

    Envisioning, strategising, planing and introducing community networks and related currencies is quite a task. We help you outlining a roadmap to communities that leverage strong currencies that have an impact, financially, socially, environmentally – depending on the purpose of your value proposition.

    You’ll get our support on:

      • Identify and plan your real-world and digital community ecosystem and the launch of your related currency
      • Outline revenue / business model
      • Ensure legal compliance of your community model and currency with our legal partner
      • Select technology and platform suitable to your needs
      • Ongoing management and measurement of community activities

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